Jukely+fanum.fm - Yellow claw @ Webster Hall / by Eric Lum

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Check out Arisa's fanum profile!

Author - Arisa (arisaolazabal)

Yellow 'mother fucking' Claw, kicked off a bright Sunday morning with a beastly set. This Amsterdam trio pumps out energetic electro-house and hardstyle that immediately drags you deep into trap drops. The hype is real.

As I pulled up to Webster Hall the air was filled with the smell of stogs, murmurs of 'suh dude', and vibrations of dubstep blasting from cars. Jukely made getting into the venue ridiculously easy. I literally glided to the front of the guest line, and in two minutes I was inside. 

I danced my way right into the main room where Cesqueaux was blasting Duck Sauce, Gucci Mane, and Skrillex. Afterwards, the lights dimmed as Sam's (Moksi) bass started to fill the room and DMC began to go nuts on the mic. 

Finally, hypnotic black and white graphics swirled as the Yellow Claw crew let the crowd know exactly who they are. I swear we chanted 'Yel-low-Claw' at least 10 times during the set. They killed it with summer '15-'16 classics like Kill The Noise's 'FUK UR MGMT' and Baauer's 'Higher Ground VIP Remix'. The floor bounced with lots of Flosstradamus and ended with everyone singing 'Till It Hurts'. Their hype man was hit or miss to be honest tho... but if you love crazy tempo, shifting EDM, this show was loaded with Amsterdam rave energy.