Jukely + fanum.fm - TroyBoi / by Eric Lum

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TroyBoi's electrifying Left Is Right Tour debuted this weekend with fellow Mad Decent producers Slumberjack and Grandtheft. The show featured six hours of non-stop music and out of this world performances.

Side note - Cannot continue without warm thanks to Jukely. Being able to enter the Palladium in Hollywood on a guest list felt like straight VIP status! 

Slumberjack, a duo from Australia, opened up the tour. The last track of their set, 'Enigma' was closely followed by Grandtheft as they kept the energy going as the night drew on. It was the perfect escalation of tempo leading up to the main act. 

The huge grand ballroom of the Palladium set a great stage for the production Troyboi brings along with his performances. Some accompaniments to Troyboi's set include a four piece string quartet, aerial silk acrobats, krump dancers, and technicolor vortex mandala graphics. 

The crowd was clearly there for Troyboi, and at 1 AM, we were in peak hype mode for the set. Troyboi's style is undeniably unique and sends you into what I like to call the 'Troyboi Trance'. His hypnotizing, experimental, trap sound slays the speakers with some his collaborations with Stookie Sound and SoundSnobz leaving the entire crowd either dropping low, climbing on shoulders or crowd surfing. 

I cannot wait to see what's next for Troyboi. I highly suggest checking out his new album and newest music video to get a taste of his tender, trap vibes. 

Want to check out Troyboi as he stops in your hometown? Jukely's got you covered.