Tastemaker Pro - Sam Nelson / by Eric Lum

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Reminiscing on Sam Nelson's past Artist Referrals feels like a classic album. Spotting acts way before they sky rocket the charts is a common occurrence amongst her artist line up. 

Remember the craze Maggie Rogers brought up last year? Yeah, Sam added her as soon as the world saw her singing to Pharrell. Now Maggie is selling out festivals all around the globe. You know how Cardi B is shocking EVERYONE right now with her track 'Bodack Yellow'? Yeah, Sam could feel the success coming off of Cardi's first mixtape with her track 'Foreva'. 

Other acts Sam has added include D.R.A.M. who first killed it with 'Cha Cha' and then with 'Broccoli' and KYLE who recently killed it with his track 'iSpy'. Other artists who have charted include Jack Garratt,  A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Dreezy

Some other Artists who are buzzin' right now include Kevin Abstract with his boy band group BROCKHAMPTON, Tink who has been taken under the wing by Timbaland himself, and SKEPTA who has started a whole new musical movement over in England.

To get a full taste of Sam Nelson's artist adds, do not hesitate to press shuffle on the playlist below!