Distortion Music Festival - Copenhagen / by Eric Lum

Author - Arisa Olazabal

Author - Arisa Olazabal

June hits, the sun emerges, and the street parties commence in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is time for the annual Distortion Street Party and Music Festival - a Northern European oasis in the form of street parties, mainstage events and elaborately themed acts.

Attracting up to 100,000 people a day, Distortion acts as a pop-up festival that parades its way into trendy Copenhagen neighborhoods throughout the week. The week features live DJ sets, drumming, fusion jazz, hip-hop and is mostly free so you can soak up the feels from noon till sunset. 

After the street parties, head for the outdoor mainstage which sends booming bass tracks through the corridors of Copenhagen. This year's 2017 set featured headliners such as Grandtheft and RiFF RAFF. The show ended around midnight and did not stop there. The clubs around the plaza opened their doors after the performance to begin the after parties which lasted until sunrise. Throughout the weekdays - this pattern repeats. 

Finally, the weekend hits and it's time for the full blown boutique music festival. The location is enclosed by graffiti covered shipping containers featuring five different stages - the Royal Container Stage, RedBull Music Academy, Dancing Man Are, Truck Stage and the Tekno Tunnel. With live art installations, chill out zones, and even a crane hung disco ball, you are sure to find the right BPM. 

The festival features a wide range of genres from hip hop, to dance hall to Berlin House. As you make your way through the giant clouds of marijuana, you see that Distortion's atmosphere is not like anything else. It was like getting a taste of Denmark's musical melting pot in the form of organized chaos. What's better than that?

The feelings around Distortion is flourishing with non-violent camaraderie, love, friendship and lots of broken bottles. I mean, people are shacking up on 6-packs of Royal faster than I can figure out where I parked my bike. This festival takes over the city during this week time frame. Deals on food and alcohol are thriving. No joke - not a frown or fight in site. Whether you are sailing the bike lanes at top speed to catch the next mainstage act or adventuring through Tivoli, this festival is one to put on your 'Must See' list.