Essential New Artist - RAY BLK / by Eric Lum

Sometimes when Artists aren't from the United States it takes a good slap to the face to really get people to listen. Prepare, everyone, for a full back hand -

Ray BLK is a new voice in Soul/RnB/Rap/Electro-Pop coming out of South London who uses her voice to make beautiful intricate sounds, and stand up for the marginalized people she sees in societies around the world. 

In most of her tracks, she's standing up for an idea in an elegant, yet forcefully bad ass way. Or that's the vibe you get from watching her music videos. In her video for her track 'Chill Out' you see Ray providing a voice for the transgender community in Jamaica and in '5050' you see her giving a strong voice to female sexuality. In her most popular track 'My Hood' she reps her hometown of South London to the fullest. 

The band wagon is starting to become more sturdy with RollingStone placing Ray BLK on their 'Artist You Need to Know' list back in February, winning the BBC Sounds of 2017 Poll (past winners include James Bay, Jack Garratt), and getting nominated for a MOBO Award for Best Newcomer

Last October Ray BLK self-released her second project "Durt". In an interview with The Fader, she talks about labels approaching her since she only had a couple of plays on Soundcloud, but wants to remain independent. As she puts it in her freestyle track 'Patience', 

"Everyone running just to get in first place. I'm walking going at my own pace."

Everything Ray has been getting, she's gotten it on her own via her raw talent. Please watch her videos as they are just as beautiful as her actual song writing, and listen to her track 'My Hood' because it is insanely good.