Keep Watching - G4SHI / by Eric Lum

G4SHi is a low-key industry veteran coming up with his new track 'Disrespectful'. 

From Albania to the BK, G4SHi (pronounced GASHI) is climbing and climbing after the grind he's been putting in since 2014. In 2014 he released his album '4Play' and recently released his EP 'Stairs' which includes the track 'Day Ones'.

The inspiration on writing a piece on G4SHi came from seeing his track 'Disrespectful' put him on many charts and publications including Spotify's 'Rap Caviar', and Billboard, but this piece is ever the more ideal as G4SHi has JUST announced his signing to Roc Nation. Whoa, congrats. 

During his come up, G4SHi was notable to not be about the industry politics . In 2015 he was quoted as saying, "I have every label in the industry throwing me offers." Wonder what Roc Nation offered him to lock him down, eh? He was also quoted to say that he has been ghost writing for awhile, making sure it is known he's been in the game.

Before the big signing, G4SHi had been working with the likes of French Montana, Nipsey Hustle, even a track with DJ Snake. With his new deal, he released a new track 'Turn Me Down'. Check it out below!

G4SHi was added to fanum all the back in January of 2014 by our hip-hop expert Patrick Castelo. He saw this comin'.