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Author - Arisa Olazabal

Author - Arisa Olazabal

Sofie Zamchick and friends had their debut at the Bowery Electric last week. This up and coming, classically trained singer/songwriter, has been making noise with her sweet, yet anxiously romantic punk/pop. Imagine Avril Lavigne and Zooey Deschanel's love child. Sofie brings a bright energy to the stage like I've never seen before. 

At her show, Sofie featured eleven original guitar songs with a new band on drums and bass. Sofie also had harmonizing guest singers including Ani Mesa and Isaiah Sanabria. Sofie has a masterful way of showing us very vulnerable parts of herself through her music and then killing us with her giant bubbly smile. Her sound instills a deep intimacy that drowns out the roaring noise from the upstairs bar, and has you feeling like she's only singing to you. Check out some of her thoughts on her premiere at the Bowery Electric! - 

What have you discovered while preparing for the show?

"After being the Musical Director of Cleftomaniacs, an NYU a capella group, I fell in love with arranging music. When it comes to a band, I want to hold all the reigns. It's hard for me to let go, but this time, I decided to purposely let go of that control and bring in really good musicians who will bring something of themselves to the music - something different. What a difference it made! One of my songs is country now!"

How was this gig different from others you've played in your youth?

"Well it's cool - this time it is not just me. The main difference is that I brought together a great band, which I would also like to add to. I picture them having banjos and the marimba. For the first time ever, I decided not to play one of my oldest songs. Like, I wrote it in maybe, senior year of high school? I thought, 'You know what? I'm going to leave that one out for this gig, I've grown up a little, it's time for something new.'"

How do you like to connect to your audience?

"That's what I love to do. That's why I perform. It is all about the connection. It's getting super personal with everyone. I mean, my goal in life is to connect to people, that's what I love doing. For me, it's a blessing to have 45 minutes where I can spill myself. The [intimacy] of it all is what makes it so exciting for me. It's so funny because, sometimes in my songs, the concepts seem so big, but really it came from specifics. I can be inspired solely by rhyming patterns and then having the meaning grow from that."

What pushed you to get to the Bowery Electric, now?

"Well, Me And Lucky have been talking about a collaboration show like this for a while. I mean, this has been something I have been dying to do for years. I used to play in the city in high school. I played gigs. I played the Living Room, and the Bitter End in high school."

What is next for you? 

"I hope I can just continue to feel open to being inspired and change. Writing music is easy and finding inspiration is too. Something that has stuck with me, is that people often say to me when they listen to my music, that time slows down. I get that because that's what writing music is for me. I feel like I am at my strongest, because I am having the easiest time expressing myself through my music. I am not afraid to share myself."

I think that's a great place to start. 

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