Tastemaker Pro - Yo Fu / by Eric Lum

Our Tastemaker Yo Fu is straight valid. Her music recommendations are unpredictable yet reliable - the perfect combination for sniffing out the next big Artist. 

On a genre spectrum, Yo Fu hits a wide range of marks. One of her specialties? Women Powerhouses. Some of her female finds include George Maple, Christine and the Queens, Niia, Olivia O'Brien, Sampa The Great, Sophie Meiers, and I could go on. 

Yo also seems to have an affinity for detecting great beat makers and producers. She doesn't limit musical talent to just the vocal level. Yo dives down deep into the production quality, which takes a SOLID ear. 

Yo Fu has added some now HUGE acts way before their careers took off including - Khalid whose debut single 'Location' reached all the way up to #16 on the Hot 100, Amine whose song 'Caroline' reached all the way up to #11 on the Top Hot, Christine and the Queens whose music is charting internationally, and Olivia O'Brien whose feature with gnash 'i hate u, i love u' is certified platinum.

These are just some of the acts that have charted to date. Check out the playlist below for a comprehensive listen into Yo Fu's taste and sound, and be on the lookout for any of these Artists hitting it big.

Make sure to follow Yo Fu's fanum.fm profile to stay updated on the Artists Yo Fu endorses next!