Tastemaker Pro - The Beatforest / by Eric Lum

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The Beatforest is a Tastemaker that brings the underground-underground music to eager ears. The Beatforest has been, and continues to be, a great source for Artists just beginning to broadcast their sound. 

The Beatforest is a blog, uncovering the Artists who who upload their first couple of tracks to their Soundcloud account - this takes a serious ear. He has the ability to stray away from vanity aspects of discovering new music like Twitter followers, Facebook likes, and all the rest of the bullshit.... he actually listens to the music before forming an opinion. 

The Beatforest's Artist adds are 'An Ecosystem of Sound' covering pop (Ruby Empress, NOVAAOKBADLANDS), soul (Amindi K. Fro$t, Lydia Kitto, Javeon, Amber Mark), electronic, house, and folk! He's got everything covered. 

Check out a playlist of The Beatforest original adds (below) and check out his blog for more of his favorite Artists and Artist news at TheBeatforest.com