Tastemaker Pro - Jay Lincoln / by Eric Lum

Mr. Jay Linocln has blessed the fanum.fm platform with a lot of amazing Artist adds. He has been introducing us to Artists on the cusp since 2015. 

Jay's taste ranges from electronic to alternative and even dabbles into some hip hop and soul. Some of his original adds include Artists like Gallant, Allan Rayman, Wheathan, SG Lewis, JAIN, just to name a few. 

You may recognize some of these Artists names, but you are a little late compared to when Jay introduced us. There is Gallant who is now a Grammy nominated singer songwriter, Russ who is now a major label signee and JAIN who is now a literal global pop star. 

With 144 subsequent headphones to Jay's adds, we can label him as a Tastemaker Pro - A guaranteed trusted source for Artist recommendations. Check out a playlist of some of Jay's original adds below.