Signed Artist - Jain / by Eric Lum

Jain is one of those people, and Artists, that as soon as you meet them and hear their story, you're like 'Whoa you're awesome and I cannot compete.' 

Jain is a pop singer/song-writer who transcends borders all around the world. Already having lived in places like the Congo, Dubai and Paris, Jain's music dibbles and dabbles in world sounds that make her captivating to everyone. 

She release her debut album Zanaka back in November of 2015. Most people caught on a little later after her performance at the French Grammy's in 2016. After the stellar performance, Jain was labeled as a potential global pop star and her single 'Come' went straight to No.1 in France the very next day.

Jain's album Zanaka was released here in the good ol' US of A in November of 2016 with RCA Records. Our Tastemaker Jay Lincoln caught onto the buzz of Jain at its inception point back in November of 2015 when the singer first debuted her sound.

Now we can sit back and watch her take over the world.