Keep Watching - Sampha / by Eric Lum

Sampha is a closeted soul super star. Having already worked with GREATS like Beyonce, Kanye West and Frank Ocean, it's a no brainer that this dude is going to make some waves. 

Sampha has been on the music back burner for awhile. Back in 2010 he was already collaborating with popular British dance Artist SBTRKT. He grew his influence from there and developed into the guy you call for some deep, bleeding heart SOUL. 

The fact that Sampha is breaking out now instead of back in his early career is not because of lack of initiative or talent but because of family tragedies that eventually helped shape the moving soul music he puts out today. In the span of a couple of years, Sampha lost his father, brother and mother all while getting frightened by his own health scare

Sampha's back story and influence already seen in the industry, is why his debut album Process is on such high alert. Everyone is thankful that Sampha was able to overcome his struggles and give us some of the most beautiful soul the world has seen in awhile. 

Sampha's lyrics are honest, his voice eager and feeling, and production innovative and complex. Process comes at you at all angles and plugs at those god old heart strings. The type of music that is refreshing because it makes you feel.  

We are instructing that you keep watching Sampha because the release of his debut album Process is about to blow up his inevitable music career. Sampha was introduced to fanum all the way back in September of 2014 by our Tastemaker Teresa who saw the talent and soul long before his now big showcase.