Jukely + fanum.fm - Gavin Turek / by Eric Lum

Author -  Yo Fu

Author - Yo Fu

A goddess wrapped in a shimmering cloak walked onto the Baby's All Right stage on Friday night. Beneath the cloak, modern disco queen Gavin Turek, is about to perform her first sold out show in New York to celebrate the release of her new EP. Divine and gracious, Gavin Turek made the audience her devout worshipers as she opened the show with 'Hemisphere', melting the crowd with her cotton candy-like voice. 

The LA based artist is best known for her joint LP with TOKiMONSTA - "You're Invited". Building off the collaboration's success, Gavin finally released her own solo EP, 'Good Look For You'.

From the moment she walked on stage it was clear that Gavin was more than just a singer, but an artist ready to seize her moment. The cloak came off to 'On The Line', like she had been set free to channel her Donna Summer and Diana Ross influences. Gavin's groovy music is a mix of the old and new - soul inlaid with electronic vibes. She revived the 70's with songs like 'The Distance' and 'My Delight', but the funk was on full power when Gavin invited her friend and producer Val Fleury to come onstage and dance the night away. Gavin ended the night with another TOKiMONSTA collaboration, and brought her show to a close with an ethereal performance of 'Grace'. 

I thought I was straight, but damn, she made the panties drop. 

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