Jukely + fanum.fm - BASECAMP / by Eric Lum

Author - Yo Fu

Author - Yo Fu

The Nashville based trio BASECAMP played their first sold out show at Brooklyn's 'Knitting Factory' this past Saturday, hypnotizing a packed room with their signature R&B infused dance sound. 

It took my eyes a moment to adjust when I first walked into the room, I hardly recognized the Knitting Factory. What's usually a typical stage now housed a giant box wrapped in chiffon and lined with lights. 

From within the box, BASECAMP built the set through their unconventional, genre- deconstructing style. With hints of James Blake mixed with SBTRKT, they layered evocative melodies on glitchy percussion and heavy basslines.

Throughout the night the three producers (Aaron Harmon, Jordan Reyes and Aaron Miller (vocalist)) made the crowd drift between states - swaying side to side to the smokey vibes, like seaweed in the sea. Our heads bounced to the thumping bass through songs like "The Hunter" from their latest EP In Stone and their 2014 single "Shudder". BASECAMP balanced the set with slightly slower beats like "Rydia" (from their self-titled debut EP). The show's visuals were as exceptional as the chiffon and neon lights combination accented the hazy yet buoyant sound. The Trio brought the smoke-filled night to an end with the catch and sexy "Comfort Zone". 

Lol shiet, can BASECAMP pull me from my comfort zone?

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