Jukely + fanum - The Skins / by Eric Lum

Author - Arisa Olazabal

Author - Arisa Olazabal

The Skins are bad-ass. 

Mirroring the vibe of UK grunge, The Skins will make you wanna button up your shirt, throw on an acid washed jacket, cover yourself in glitter and spend the night dancing. This band is a juicy escalation of fire that feeds off the raw energy of the crowd. 

The Skins are a Brooklyn based, five-member group, ages 18-25, and are the most refreshing group I've experienced thus far at The Bowery Electric. Bold statement, I know. They are hard, aggressive, yet mystifying and up a proper dose of bass and rap-punk funkadelic pop. Their sound all together sounds like Lion Babe, Miguel, and Missy Elliott threw a basement block party. 

The crowd that followed The Skins to the Bowery Electric reflected the dynamic roots of the band. You could see big groups of friends dancing, screaming, and riding the beat. Each member of this band had a relatable, raw energy. 

Grab your friends, and throw down with The Skins and their explosive collision of music and art. Also, check out their debut EP, "With My People"! It's one of the most versatile EPs I've hard so far in 2017.  

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