Signed Artist - William Singe / by Eric Lum

With William Singe, we have a sensation on our hands. William is a 23-year old pop singer from Australia who has made his name singing popular Billboard 100 Hits in his own bedroom on his own webcam for the vast population on the internet. 

William started out on shows like the X-Factor in Australia, along with attempting to be in a boy band called The Collective, but found his own identity by being bored in his bedroom and covering popular songs like 'Trap Queen,' 'Hotline Bling' and 'Don't.' 

Collectively, William Singe's YouTube channel and song streams have around 100 million plays.. This summer William went beyond his bedroom into the office at RCA Records in the United States and signed a multi-million record deal. So best believe he'll be in our Timelines and News Feeds for some time to come. 

Mr. Singe was introduced to the fanum community by our Tastemaker Teresa back in November of last year. Here's a soulful cover of William covering a Tory Lanez song -