Keep Watching - D.R.A.M. / by Eric Lum

It brings many publications and bloggers great joy to document the overwhelming success of the Artist that is D.R.A.M. And we swear it isn't ONLY because of his intoxicating smile. 

Last year in March, D.R.A.M. released the supremely underrated track 'Cha Cha' which was praised by the great music-appropriater Drake and later mocked into his own #1 hit 'Hotline Bling.' The track is a part of his first project '#1EpicEP' and is a hit all on his own, but was sadly overshadowed by Drake's lack of creativity. 

But this is where all the bloggers become happy - last week D.R.A.M. knocked Drake off the #1 spot on Billboard's Hot Rap Songs Chart with his hit 'Broccoli' featuring the fellow new comer Lil Yachty! In the time between 'Cha Cha' and 'Broccoli' you could find D.R.A.M. featured on some tracks with the likes of Chance the Rapper, Allan Kingdom and even releasing an independent album 'GAHDAMN!' With 'Broccoli' and what seems like a hint at a major deal with Atlantic Records, D.R.A.M. is coming at us full force. 

Even though you should've been watching the smiley, lovable, dancing D.R.A.M. when 'Cha Cha' came out, we are just making sure your eyes are peeled on the big things that are coming up next for this guy who Does Real Ass Music. Supplementing his release of 'Broccoli' include other jammable songs 'CUTE' and 'Cash Money.'

Oh, and here's a challenge for ya - Try to not to smile, dance, or feel even a hint of joy while watching the music videos for 'Broccoli' or 'Cha Cha.'