Essential New Artist - Khalid / by Eric Lum

There's not much on the interwebs about this youngin' from Texas, but what we know for sure is that he's making crazy hits on the low low. 

If you're an avid SoundCloud surfer, or Pigeons and Planes stalker, you may be familiar with the up and comer Khalid and his close to viral song 'Location.' No worries if you're not because our Tastemaker Yo Fu has brought this pop, soul, singer-songwriter to the forefront of the fanum scene. 

So far, you can find some soultry vocals on Khalid's track 'Location' which currently has over 7 Million plays on Spotify and another 2.5 Million on Soundcloud, and then you can find his follow up track 'Let's Go' which is more upbeat. Both tracks are paving the way for Khalid and are going to be the main reasons you will see his name on more stages, features and songs in the very near future. 

Listen to the buzzing tracks here