Keep Watching - ABRA / by Eric Lum

One of the many highs that come from discovering new music is watching the Artist grow and develop into the success you knew you heard at first listen. With this new series, we are going to remind and encourage listens to Artists who are on the cusp of catapulting into what our Tastemakers believed them to be from the jump.

We originally brought up our girl ABRA last summer when our Tastemaker Sam Nelson added her due to her infatuation with her music video for her song 'ROSES XOXO.' This week, the disco-pop soulstress released her Princess EP which she has single-handedly written and produced. For awhile, ABRA has been working and collaborating with the hip-hop 'weirdos' of Awful Records, but expands and indulges into her poetic, disco-pop music releasing her Princess EP with True Panther Records

Why should you keep listening or suddenly give a shit about ABRA? Because she's different - her sound is a juxtaposition of happy sounds and somber lyrics, sexual innuendos tied with vulnerable emotions, and introverted ideas with an image that exudes self-confidence. ABRA is on the cusp of her originality being accepted and appreciated with her newest release.