Essential New Artist - Aminé / by Eric Lum

There is an ever emerging distinguishing sound coming from modern hip-hop that crosses into genres like funk, pop, soul and dance. 

One rapper emulating this said sound is Portland native - Aminé. Aminé first made his name on SoundCloud releasing his 'Calling Brio' project which features production from producers like Pasqué and Kaytranada. He reemerged this Spring with his new track 'Caroline' which has turned heads (to say the least).  

In June of 2016, the rapper released a visual for this track 'Caroline' and today it has over 1.5 million views on YouTube. The pairing of the provocative, yet lovable song with a high-spirited visual makes for a truly entertaining experience. The video allows the young rapper to not only be seen as an up and coming rapper, but an overall writer, producer and visionary. 

Please, if we ever ask anything of you, check out this video for 'Caroline.' Thanks Yo for the intro!