Signed Artist - Jack Garratt / by Eric Lum

I'll start with an obvious conclusion - Jack Garratt is talented. Since the beginning, Jack writes, produces and performs all off his music strenuously alone. 

Jack Garratt is an Englishman who began performing and delving into music around 2009, but didn't start to release any music until 2014 with his debut EP Remnants. From there, Jack blasted off into full blown buzzing pandemonium being played by BBC Radio, playing huge festivals in the UK like Reading and Leeds, and Apple Music, along with opening up for the great Mumford and Sons while touring in the UK. 

It didn't stop there either. In 2015, Jack won HUGE titles such as the Critic's Choice at the 2016 Britt Awards (last years winner was James Bay), BBC Sound Poll of 2016 and MTV's Brand New Short List. The last Artist to win BOTH the Critic's Choice Award and the BBC Sound Poll was the breakthrough voice of Sam Smith. 

Jack Garratt brings together elements of authentic, soulful, beautifully crafted songs and a futuristic, daring stance in his production ALL while keeping his shows a must see by playing all instruments and sounds onstage by himself. A true one man show, Jack Garratt has always kept it interesting and beautifully authentic and seems to pour out his heart in everything he does and every song he sings - which seems exhausting, but much respect!

Jack was added to in December of 2014 by Sam Nelson and released his debut full-length album Phase in  February of 2016 via Interscope Records (U.S.).