Essential New Artist - Margaret Glaspy / by Eric Lum

Here's a little intro to a singer, song-writer who grew up playin' the fiddle, lived a little, and has grown to develop a subtly, raw sound.

Margaret Glaspy grew up in rural Northern California, worked her butt off to get over to the East to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and currently dwells in the gritty NYC music scene. 

Margaret describes her writing process as 'work,' always working meticulously to write substantial lyrics. Her music is filled with honesty, bluntness, blues guitars, along with a blend of somber and eager vocals. A blend of all these elements has brought up some comparisons to greats like Cat Stevens, Norah Jones and Joni Mitchell. 

Glaspy released her first EP Homeschool herself back in 2012 and has recently released her debut, full-length album Emotions and Math in June of 2016. Her EP was recorded mostly on an iPad or other studio space she could find, while Emotions and Math was recorded and released with notorious indie label ATO Records

Margaret Glaspy is a hustler. She's worked hard to create a sound that is entertaining, entrancing and authentic. Introduced by our Tastemaker Ben, Margaret Glaspy and her album Emotions and Math are worth a listen.