Essential New Artist - Maggie Rogers / by Eric Lum

We aren't here to be the first on the scene with this news - but this girl Maggie Rogers has some serious talent. 

You may have already come across the viral video of Rogers playing a song in one of her Master Classes at NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music (shoutout to the homies!) and completely blowing away the guest of the day - Pharrell Williams.

There are two factors at play here that make this scene an obvious preview to Maggie's success - one is her self-produced, self-written song 'Alaska,' and the other is the expression on Pharrell's face as he listen's to it. The video of the class surfaced two months ago and currently has 2 million views, wholeheartedly to see Pharrell be blown away by the talented New Artist. 

Maggie Rogers has finally appeased the loud noise of on coming fans with a final, mixed and mastered version of her song 'Alaska.' She only released the track last week and it already has close to 1 million views! See what they hype is about and try to not make the same face Pharrell makes during his first listen.