Artist Recommendations - Hozier / by Eric Lum

Irish singer-songwriter Hozier slowly built his well-established career with his hit 'Take Me to church.' His soulful, rock voice still resonates today. Here are some other artists who have all the potential to follow the hozier success story - 

Kendra Morris is a soulful singer-songwriter who brings in elements of rock and blues into her music. Her song 'Concrete Waves' is a good example of how well she can blend together different melodies, styles and lyrics to create a cohesive, soulful song that is filled with emotion and feeling. Kendra has been making music for a while in NYC. Watch it strike a buzz soon.

Allan Rayman is most notably known throughout the blogosphere as a mysterious act who has some serious talent. There isn't much info on the guy, but his music and artistic vision speaks clearly for itself. Allan's music brings together true soul, with pop catchy elements, but grungy. His visuals are entrancing and aide his mysterious persona. The buzz has already begun with Allan with songs like 'Beverly' almost reaching 4 Million streams, it's only a matter of time. 

Samm Henshaw - So this guy's voice makes you feel like you've been longing for him at first listen. Samm's voice is the epitome of soul and his songs are filled with power, love and feeling. He's already been recently signed to Hozier's same label (Columbia Records) and is set to release a debut album soon. In the meantime, we're highly suggesting you check out his EP

Stay tuned for more Artist Recs. soon.