Essential New Artist - Jay IDK / by Eric Lum

This week's New Artist is DMV-based rapper Jay IDK introduced to us by our new Tastemaker Jake Krez.

Jay IDK is a complex rapper bringing in an insane amount of metaphors and word play to his trap-heavy beats and gritty flow. When you first play Jay IDK he sounds like a rapper who is elaborating on the trap beat movement in rap, but in reality he's bringing to light the negative stereotypes of hip-hop like selling drugs. As he insightfully puts it in his SoundCloud bio, "Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge, only way they'll listen."

After reading this line - you will listen to his music a little different. You'll be more in tune to what he is spitting under those well produced, captivating beats. His song 'Cookie Addiction' sounds like another sex song, but is about his complete enthrallment with the music industry. Then there is Jay's hit 'God Said Trap,' that sounds like another drug dealing banger, but is actually spoken from Jay's separate persona "King Trappy" to point out the ignorance is glorifying drug dealing in rap. 

Jay IDK released his sophomore album "SubTRAP" last year and has been labeled as one of the biggest new acts in 2015 from publications like Jay IDK is a multi-layered rapper who brings together the trending trap sound along with the old-school conscious rap rhymes.

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