Essential New Artist - The Brinks / by Eric Lum

This week’s New Artist is a very juxtaposed duo - The Brinks. On one end you have the soothing, airy voice of Australian Scott Mellis and then you have the semi-gritty, rhythmic indie New Yorker Matt Friedman on the production. 

The bridging of these two sounds from different sides of the world results in a a calming, head bopping sound that is filled with rhythm and soul. They’ve been compared to popular alt-pop band The Neighbourhood along with fellow Artist Atlas Bound by the LA Music Blog.

The Brinks have been working together on music together for a couple of years now and have released their debut EP Temporary Love in December of 2015 and are quickly escalating to promote their sound with tours and live performances

The duo share the same management as popular rapper Pusha T and have even been in the studio with producing legend Salaam Remi. A nice start to their fresh career, eh?

At their root, The Brinks house a balanced, intriguing sound that is hard to not authentically enjoy. Our Tastemaker Arisa suggested everyone to check out The Brinks this week SO LISTEN TO HER! Check out the song Temporary Love here.