Signed Artist - Kygo / by Eric Lum

Kygo is not only one of the most successful DJs/producers currently on this planet, but one of the  most current successful ARTISTS. 

Kygo is a Norwegian DJ/producer who was, just last month, labeled as "Spotify's Fastest Rising Star" because he reached one billion streams in the fastest amount of time since the birth of the streaming service. He's reached this feat all without writing a song or releasing an album. Huh?

The 24-year-old DJ/producer has perfected the craft of remixing songs in a distinguishable way by adding the tropical touch his sound houses. He's also collaborated with fast rising singer songwriters like Ella Henderson and Conrad Sewell to amplify his presence not only as a DJ, but producer. 

Kygo was introduced to our community of Tastemakers all the way back in June 2014 by our Tastemaker Juliette Miller. He's come a long way in a year and half and Juliette predicted his success long before it happened. 

Currently signed to Sony Muisc, Kygo still has yet to release an album, write a song, but is selling out huge venues like the Barclay's Center. We're excited for what is yet to come.