We're back with some more Artist Recommendations from our gurl Sam Nelson. She's a hip-hop fanatic who has come to spread some knowledge on the up and coming alternative/hip-hop scene based on her love and passion for the great Allan Kingdom.

Let's clear the air first - Allan Kingdom is an innovative artist who brings individuality and a new sound into an overgeneralized genre and so do the rest of these up and coming hip-hop artists:

IshDARR is a youngin' from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who has had been buzzin' pretty hard for about two years now - stacking plays upon plays on SoundCloud. IshDARR is one of the major acts coming out of the up and coming Milwaukee area - just like Allan is for the Twin Cities. Check out his songs 'Sugar' and 'Too Bad' to start out. 

Pouya is another young rapper from Miami who takes hip hop and expands it in a degenerative-funny way. As much as Pouya integrates his comedy into his music - he can flow. Pouya has gained most of his followers being wild on social media and putting on high energy, riot like shows. Check out his interestingly creative music video for his song 'Energy' and his some featuring Allan Kingdom 'Heed.' 

Danny Seth is a rapper from the UK who brings a dark vibe to his music. Not only does Danny Seth have an individual sound, but he expresses his unique vision in his videos and visuals. Truly entertaining and different, Danny Seth brings a whole other alternative world to hip hop in a talented, innovative way. Check out Danny's elaborate video for 'I Arise Because' and check out his crazy flow on 'The King's Speech.' 

Kevin Abstract completely defines the norms of hip-hop by bringing in catchy melodies, individuality and personifies the creative outcast you all were curious about in high school - which all translates into an amazing sound. Kevin's debut album 'MTV1987' was praised by big publications like Spin and has a new album in the works. Listen to his classic hip-hop/pop track 'Drugs' and his new beautifully alternative video for 'Echo.' 

Hope you enjoy and listen to our wide array of cross-genre hip-hop Artists we have provided for you today. Stay tuned for more recommendations from our elite Tastemakers.