Essential New Artist - Argonaut & Wasp / by Eric Lum

This week’s New Artist is a montage of indie, dance, and funk from the group Argonaut & Wasp.

According to their repertoire, the Brooklyn-based group has been making music for around two years, releasing their HypeM popular EP ‘Future Protocol’ early last year.

The funky duo are making some more defining waves this New Year, with their new song ‘The Sneeze’ already reaching 118K streams in a little over 20 days. The sounds are vast in this high buzz track, including some tropical electronic vibes and a charismatic indie bop.

Argonaut & Wasp’s ‘The Sneeze’ successfully expands and solidifies the group's funky, dance-able indie vibes that they established in their earlier work. They’ve recently accompanied their new release with a video of their previous hit, ‘Higher Ground.’

Argonaut & Wasp’s sound was introduced to by our Tastemaker Jay Lincoln. While the duo’s online presence is still at the starting line, Jay has come to to say, “Pay attention!"