Top Buzzing Artist - Duke Dumont / by Eric Lum

In this very loving, yet short, month of February, our most listened to Artist on was globally buzzing producer Duke Dumont.

Duke Dumont is an English producer who has a pretty extensive discography showcasing his sound’s longevity. Duke writes classic electronic music and has the ear to pick the best singer’s to pair with his songwriting and sound. He's an Artist who holds the name to work with many "A-listers," but also has the Tastemaker mindset in trying to find and work with talented up and comers. 

Duke has been making music since 2007 and draws inspiration from electronic legends including Daft Punk. His first chart topper was his song “Need U(100%)” back in 2013 which reached #7 on the UK charts and it even blessed him a Grammy nomination.

More recently, Duke Dumont has been focusing on his new series of EPs titled Blasé Boys Club. He released Part 1 of the series in October of 2015 which features mega hits like ‘Ocean Drive’ and ‘Won’t Look Back,’ which collectively hold almost 20 million streams on Soundcloud alone.

This gem of a house artist was first introduced by our Tastemaker Jay Lincoln. Listen to the infectious song 'Ocean Drive' here.