Signed Artist - Halsey / by Eric Lum

A definite fete is being able to achieve pop super stardom in today’s industry. Becoming that said pop superstar with individuality? Ground breaking.

Halsey, or Ashley Frangipane, is a 20 year old singer songwriter who has built her own fan base from the ground up by creating herself on the internet. Halsey's vision and songwriting is original and organically blew up to sold out tours and a major label record deal. 

Halsey was introduced to last year in March of 2015 by our Tastemaker Michelle Kim. Since then, Halsey has released her debut album Badlands with Capitol Records (now certified gold), collaborated with huge artists like Justin Bieber,  and has even sold out the legendary Madison Square Garden.

It is portrayed that Halsey speaks for this underground, social media savvy, forward thinking millennials through her song lyrics, individual style and image. She stands up for her bisexuality, her biracial background and her bipolar disorder. She talks about things that like to be swept under the rug, especially in pop music, which makes her a well loved anamoly in the industry.

Not only is she a kick-ass person, but she is an amazing songwriter. Her initial big hits were 'Ghost' and 'Hurricane' which appeared on her 2014 EP Room 93, (a must listen). The release of her EP is what set the buzz in the underground scene, and from there, the anticipation grew, and exploded with her debut album release Badlands a year later. 

Halsey is an artist that will continue to thrive due to her openness and connectivity with her fans. Halsey isn't a cookie-cutter pop label superstar, but a true singer songwriter who has been picked out by the youngins as a great artistic representation of how they would like their pop stars to behave - authentically.