Essential New Artist - Frank Liin / by Eric Lum

We are here to write about and introduce you to the mysterious, entrancing song of Frank Liin. We cite him as mysterious because there isn't much on the internet as to who this Artist actually is. One theory is that the name 'Frank Liin' is an alias for the great Jordan Rakei

IF this is the case, which is looking all the more likely, this leaves this introduction down a whole 'nother lane. Which is fine, let us take this detour. 

Jordan Rakei is an Australian singer, songwriter and producer who seems to like to work off of different aliases and release a ton of music under different styles and realms. This multi-dimensional trait is impressive and entertaining for his fans to follow and watch. 

The most distinctive attribute to all of Jordan's music is his soulful voice. It's like butta. With his alias, including Frank Liin and Dan Kye, Jordan brings in his production skillz with some house vibes. 

Late last year, Jordan released his first album Cloak under his real name, but has stated in an interview that he was in a production phase and was going to start releasing music that focuses more on those elements. In the same interview, he even teased a potential folk album when he felt like focusing on songwriting again. 

We were entranced by this recent Fran Liin add by our Tastemaker by The Beatforest, only to realize it is an added glimpse to the talents of Jordan Rakei which was also added by The Beatforest earlier last year. These surprises are always fun to come by.