Signed Artist - Russ / by Eric Lum

Recent stats from 2016 show that hip-hop/R&B is the fastest growing genre of music in on demand audio streaming. Some are drawing the conclusion that this parallels the fact that hip-hop music is becoming the new pop culture in mainstream media within the United States. 

It has taken awhile for hip-hip to transcend to this caliber and with this trend, it is taking A LOT more for hip-hop Artists to actually make a name for themselves in the game. One Artist that was seen who has all of that potential to do this is Russ who combines an undeniable work ethic, a golden ear for production, and catchy rhymes to make music that captures the attention of the masses. 

Russ is a rapper/producer who claims ATL as his hometown, but is of Saudi background. He claims his only competition is Kanye West and Drake, he draws influence from groups like G-Unit and people have described his 'sing-songy' style as being subtly influenced by the likes of Kid Cudi. 

Russ' biggest feat in coming into the game is that before uploading anything onto Soundcloud, he had released 11 albums. Yes, you read that correct - 11 albums. This fact proves Russ' work ethic. Russ is an Artist who has not found success simply by making dope music (which is a dime a dozen in today's game), but by constantly pushing his sound out to the public without looking back.

Russ hasn't struck gold on just one track, but multiple songs have gotten insane amount of streams and views including the popular 'What They Want', 'Pull The Trigger' and 'Do It Myself'. His track 'What They Want' cumulatively has 50 million streams on YouTube and Soundcloud alone.

Russ' work ethic and constant outpouring of content has resulted in a major label deal with Columbia Records. His sound and image as an Artist are well defined and are just making their way into the world which will only broaden his appeal with his new signing.

Russ was added to fanum all the way back in October of 2015 by our Tastemaker Jay Lincoln and has just signed his deal with Columbia this Summer. We are waiting in anticipation to see how 2017 treats the young, hungry rapper/producer.