Keep Watching - Jorja Smith / by Eric Lum

There's something refreshing when hearing an authentically talented Artist deliver new work in a way that brings up old feelings, and is reminiscent of older music that has shaped your current music taste. You press play and sigh in relief.... "YES! Finally." 

When you play Jorja Smith's music these are the senses that are triggered. You get a sense of some Amy Winehouse and old jazz that makes you wish more people made similar music, yet thankful not a lot of people do because the rarity makes it all the more pleasurable.

Jorja Smith is an English Artist who knew she was going to be a singer since grade school and was signed by a management company at the young age of 15. Her first splash was in the beginning of 2016 with her track, 'Blue Lights' and she was introduced to the fanum community by our Tastemaker Al in April of 2016. 

Since then, Jorja has released two music videos that showcases her expansive artistic talent along with a debut EP "Project 11" which was recently released last week. We are warning everyone, more like gifting everyone with the knowledge, that they should add this new EP to their Spotify playlist, buy the EP, YouTube it, or however else you consumer music in today's world because it is truly a defining piece of work. 

With 'Blue Lights' and her other release 'Where Did I Go?' you get excited about Jorja's potential and with "Project 11" her talent and future as a soul/R&B singer is solidified. I'm talking the likes of other English stars including Amy, FKA and Aluna. Listen to "Project 11," and Jorja's other tracks, and be taken away by her strenuously beautiful voice, intrinsic use of instrumentation and original sound. As OkPlayer. correctly puts it, catch a listen "before the hype-train arrives." 

Favorite Tracks - 'Blue Lights' 'Something In The Way' 'Carry Me Home