Signed Artist - Raury / by Eric Lum

One characteristic that always seems to define a true Artist is being different - gasping in an image that has never been seen before. 

This is one of the most notable features in genre-defying singer/rapper Raury. Raury's music houses subjects like self-love, politics and revolution in a mixture of folk and rap. This odd collaborative of views and genres has made 19 year-old Raury, a voice for the generation that he represents - social media savvy, young individuals who fight for a voice and to make a change.

Raury released his first visual for his song 'God's Whisper' in the Summer or 2014 which portrayed his image of Bohemia and stubbornness to society's norms.  The release of 'God's Whisper' is what initiated the blow up resulting in meetings with Kanye West, appearing on XXL's notable 2015 Freshmen Cover and BBC's Sounds of 2015 poll.

Raury was quickly snatched up by the powerhouse Columbia Records in August of 2014 and recently released his debut album "All We Need" in October of 2015. Raury continues his unique, loving, political voice in his rap-folk to help relate the younger generation to this chaotic society we all live in. Raury explains his hopes in to The Guardian,

"I really want my music to help imagination, embrace that idea that everything is one and the concept of love. I want to open the door of love."

Raury was introduced to by our Tastemaker Patrick Castelo all the way back in July of 2014, before artists like Kanye and Andre 3000 became fans. You go Patrick.

Listen to our current favorite song from Raury here off of his debut album "All We Need."