Tastemaker Spotlight - Tatiana / by Eric Lum

For me, music stands out when passion is undeniable. Most of the artists I share with my friends are those that I’ve had the privilege to see perform their hearts out on stage. After the live show, it all becomes clear--the artist’s talent, emotion, delivery and ultimately, their purpose to connect. For me, this moment is what being a Tastemaker is all about. Once I’ve had the chance to see how an artist can unite and excite a crowd, I know they can make headlines.

Mother Feather describes their music as, “living breathing New York City Pop Cock Rock.” This band caught my ear during their headlining show at Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg back in 2013. The crowd had no idea what they were in for when two fully made up women walked on stage wearing glittery, gold leotards while accompanied by bandmates sporting intense facial makeup. From the moment they began their set, I was hooked. Quite obviously, so was the rest of the crowd. Their energy was beyond impressive, and alongside their lyrics, choreography and costumes--they were bad ass rock stars. Their front-woman, Ann Courtney, is the vibrant heart of the band with killer pipes. Watching her is like seeing yourself on stage after letting go of all your inhibitions and committing to a life of pure Rock and Roll. I became a fan of Mother Feather that night and in the following days so did a lot of my friends. I could not stop talking about them and their performance.

I suggest everyone delve into the world of Mother Feather. Their show is nostalgic of classic Rock and Roll, filled with profound substance and theatrics. Once I became a Tastemaker on fanum.fm, I added Mother Feather to share their talent to other Tastemakers. I highly recommend them,so take a listen! We’ll all be in for a treat if this group can get the support it deserves. I can already imagine their sold out arena shows clearly, complete with fire, confetti, glitter and damn good music. Rock on Mother Feather!


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