Essential New Artist - Hippo Campus / by Eric Lum

This week’s New Artist is a four piece indie band from outside the Twin Cities in Minnesota called Hippo Campus. The group is comprised of Jake(guitar/vocals), Nathan(guitar), Zach(bass) and Whistler(drums). These four young musicians are fresh out of high school and ready to set out on pursuing their music.

Although they all attended a performing arts school in Minnesota together, the four didn’t start out as friends. Instead, they saw each other as the competition. Eventually however, the four talented musicians decided to collaborate and in 2013 they became Hippo Campus. We’re thankful they gave up the fight to unite, because it gave birth to beautiful songs like ‘Suicide Saturday’ and most recently ‘The Halocline.’

The band released their first EP “Bashful Creatures” last November and have been getting co-signed by credible sources ever since. They recently made their TV debut on Conan, performing their hit ‘Suicide Saturday,' and have also made appearances at SXSW, Lollapolooza and been endorsed by Esquire Magazine. And the come-up is just getting started. The band is currently on a headlining tour and will be opening for JRJR later in the fall.

Hippo Campus was first brought to our attention by Tastemaker Adam Kaddoura, and they’ve been a must listen ever since. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


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