Tastemaker Spotlight - Sam / by Eric Lum



Do you know what will ALWAYS make your Monday morning commute 10x better? Blasting your latest music obsession through your headphones or speakers. Seriously, nothing is worse than having to settle for the same 5 songs over and over on Top 40 radio.

Earlier this year, I was obsessed with a New Jersey rapper named Fetty Wap. The first time I heard his song ‘Trap Queen’ I was hooked by the unique pop/hip-hop sound. Every morning on the G train, I would play ‘My Way’ or ‘Again’ and my mood would be lifted, the spring in my step would magically appear, and I’d be like ‘Hey, what’s up, hello!’ to everyone on the train. Fetty Wap is huge now. You can find him on your local radio station or even on stage with Taylor Swift. I still love Fetty, and hope he continues to release music on the same level, but while I was waiting, I was already on the hunt for the next obsession, the next high.

During my hunt through countless random streaming players and YouTube videos, I came across this song called ‘Roses xoxo.’ I was enthralled first by the relaxed but strenuous pitch of the voice and the vivid imagery of the lyrics. I instantly researched the shit out of this mystery artist and found out everything about her. Her name is ABRA and she's a 20 year old singer/rapper/producer, originally from London, but now based in Atlanta. I knew I had to share her with others who would admire & appreciate my discovery. That is where fanum.fm came in.

It’s awesome to imagine that there are other hyper-active and obsessive Tastemakers out there, finding the same talented artists, and creating the buzz that drives their careers. This is a big reason why I enjoy my obsessions and being a music addict. I cannot wait to find the next artist that's going to force me to loop their album continually throughout my day, and tell everyone I can that they just HAVE to listen to them.

So now, when dealing with the annoyance of people in suits bumping and pushing their way through me on the subway on Monday mornings, I have ABRA and her new album “Roses” to guide me and rid me of my resting bitch face before I walk into the office. I can't wait to watch her star shoot even higher, and know that good music can still make it in today’s highly stimulated world.