Signed Artist - Hozier / by Eric Lum

The recipe for success in almost every industry nowadays is to go ‘viral.’ To create something that is original and speaks to a wide audience that individuals feel a great need to share with others, and from there, it spreads.

This scenario happened with Artist Hozier, who was added to all the way back in July of 2014, before the release of his Platinum album, by our Tastemaker Tatiana. Hozier is a young 24 year old singer-songwriter who created a name for himself by writing about his frustrations he observed within the Catholic church while growing up in rural Ireland. These frustrations, along with a childhood spent listening to artists such as Muddy Waters and Nina Simone, led to one of the biggest hits of last year, “Take Me To Church.”

The song was originally written in an attic, then slowly progressed to being performed in small venues in Ireland, before being heard by a man named Rob Kirwan (closely associated with U2), and made into a bold ‘viral’ video.

The video caught the attention of Columbia Records and Hozier was quickly signed to a deal. From there, the wheels started turning even faster. Hozier began receiving co-signs from superstars like Taylor Swift and Adele, performed on stage with Annie Lennox, and was nominated for ‘Song of the Year’ at the 57th Grammy Awards. His album “Hozier” has gone Gold and Platinum in multiple countries and his lead single ‘Take Me To Church’ reached #1 on the charts in countries like Belgium and Italy.

While no one anticipated the universal success of Hozier, it is enlightening to see that controversial and forward thinking music & subject matters, such as those in ‘Take Me To Church’ can resonate with a global audience.