Tastemaker Spotlight - Teresa / by Eric Lum


A few years ago, when I found the band The Head and the Heart, I was drawn in by the lead singer’s calming voice, the beautiful harmonies, and amazing lyrics.

I first heard their track ‘Lost in My Mind’ on a local independent radio station and instantly thought, “This band has got it. Their beautiful harmonies and amazing lyrics stand out in the growing sea of new folk groups. They are going to make it.”

They started popping up in the festival circuit, starting out at smaller festivals and eventually landing on stages at Coachella and Bonnaroo. When The Head and the Heart released their sophomore album, ‘Let’s Be Still,’ it caught the ears of other Tastemakers’ on fanum.fm. Watching their headphone count grow is always fun to see!

I’m also very excited about a more recent Artist that I have introduced to fanum.fm, G Frsh. One day I was listening to Kylie Jenner radio, which was stacked with songs that I had never heard before, and G Frsh’s version of the song “Panic Cord,” came on. I was instantly floored by his style and lyrics. The song was even produced by fellow fanum.fm Artist HUCCI! I was steered to his track ‘Sometimes’ and  was equally astounded. I think G Frsh is on his way to big things and I am excited to see what happens.

I share new music and Artists on fanum.fm because I want to expose others to great new songs and Artists I’ve been finding. Fanum is such a diverse community of music lovers, so it’s very rewarding to introduce a fellow music lover to a song or Artist and they truly dig and appreciate. I love when Tastemakers do the same for me! This is my favorite part of being a Tastemaker - the collaboration.