Essential New Artist - Gallant / by Eric Lum

This week’s New Artist is up and coming R&B/pop sensation Gallant. Gallant is a 23 year old NYU graduate who moved to L.A. two years ago, chasing a sound his friends from New York called “the worst and wackest music.”

Traditionally, Gallant’s sound would be classified ‘R&B’, as it’s filled with soul & emotion, but if you ask him, he prefers to be considered pop, as he enjoys writing pop songs. His L.A. roommate is fellow up-and-coming producer Felix Snow who has worked with other Artists like kiiara and SZA.

Living in L.A. has afforded him fantastic opportunities to showcase his strength - performing live. His shows have drawn people like Jake Udell(manager behind Krewella and Zhu), Skrillex, and David Dann, founder of indie label Mind of a Genius.

Gallant released his first EP ‘Zebra’ last year (2014). It received positive recognition from publications like The Guardian and Billboard. His track ‘Weight In Gold,’ which was released three months ago, already has 2.5 million streams and Gallant has promised a bigger body of work in the very near future.

Gallant’s current buzz sure makes it look like he is headed towards an explosion on to the main stage. Shout out to Tastemaker Jay Lincoln for introducing Gallant to the community before his inevitable blow up.