Essential New Artist - Pouya / by Eric Lum

We currently live in an age where Artists now have the power and resources to be more innovative than the major labels because of the internet and all the tools it provides. Be thankful.

There is a long list of Artists that would be viable candidates for any marketing or managing job at a major label simply due to the outstanding track record they’ve accumulated managing their own image and career. One of those candidates would be this week’s New Artist, Miami rapper Pouya.

Kevin Pouya has been managing his own image, shows and brand since he started out in 2013 at just 18 years old. Not only is he a good manager, selling out shows and gaining an insane following on social media, Pouya can rhyme and has the rhythm and flow that has attracted other popular rappers like Allan Kingdom and Bodega Bamz.

Pouya first turned heads with his video for his song ‘Get Buck’ which has 2.3 million views since its release in summer of 2013. Since then, Pouya has sold out SXSW shows and is currently touring with Bodega Bamz and the rap group The Underachievers. Pouya is slowly creating a movement that has been compared to Odd Future’s blow up a couple of years ago by publications like Noisey.

Our Tastemaker Sam Nelson added Pouya this week and believes that his fan base is only going to grow more.


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