Essential New Artist - Kaya / by Eric Lum


This week’s New Artist is Kaya. Although she’s somewhat of a mystery, the mysteriousness of her as a person and her music is something we definitely vibe with.

Kaya’s music is most characterized by haunting, looming pianos and a sad, airy voice. Some songs like ‘analytical doll face’ and ‘Night time’ aren’t the most thoroughly constructed songs, seeming like they could stop at any moment, but it adds to the overall calming effect.

Kaya has very little social media presence. She’s strictly on SoundCloud, Tumblr and Bandcamp, so there isn’t much to discover on who Kaya is as a person, other than the coverage she’s been given.. Her music has been on and popular blog Pigeons and Planes, and she’s also worked with up-and-coming producers like beatmachinearon and blank body who have added to her tracks ‘Underwater’ and  ‘Untitled.’

According to Kaya’s SoundCloud, the buzz is there and has the potential to grow. Her song ‘Night time’ has almost 300,000 streams and her new song ‘underwater’ with beatmachinearon already has almost 200,000 streams.

Check out the mysterious sound by visiting Kaya’s new profile here. Thanks to our Tastemaker Arissa for the discovery and sharing her with!


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