Fanum is a new music discovery platform that rates music Tastemakers based on how consistently and reliably they steer listeners to up-and-coming artists. We’ve combined elements from Yelp and Rotten Tomatoes to crowdsource fans’ musical choices and become the general public’s online guide through today’s endless sea of new music. In the past, listeners had platforms like radio and MTV to help sort through the noise and quickly get to what’s good, but we still haven’t found the new music discovery platform of tomorrow. That’s where Fanum steps in.

Fanum gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the “Tastemaking” process, using a unique structure that recognizes Tastemakers for finding artists early on and utilizing their influence to build artists’ careers. Our platform rewards these dedicated fans based on how successful their artists become. We’re tying a Tastemaker’s success directly to the success of the artists he or she chooses.

With an unlimited number of “Likes”, “+1’s”, and “Favorites,” users of other platforms are currently not encouraged to be thoughtful about the choices they make. Although we now have access to endless amounts of new music, it’s harder than ever to distinguish quality content when it’s drowned out by all the chatter and noise. By limiting the number of artists a Tastemaker can like per month, we've presented Tastemakers' selections in a digestible form so that their online profiles can clearly communicate what they really like.