Distortion Music Festival - Copenhagen by Eric Lum

Author - Arisa Olazabal

Author - Arisa Olazabal

June hits, the sun emerges, and the street parties commence in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is time for the annual Distortion Street Party and Music Festival - a Northern European oasis in the form of street parties, mainstage events and elaborately themed acts.

Attracting up to 100,000 people a day, Distortion acts as a pop-up festival that parades its way into trendy Copenhagen neighborhoods throughout the week. The week features live DJ sets, drumming, fusion jazz, hip-hop and is mostly free so you can soak up the feels from noon till sunset. 

After the street parties, head for the outdoor mainstage which sends booming bass tracks through the corridors of Copenhagen. This year's 2017 set featured headliners such as Grandtheft and RiFF RAFF. The show ended around midnight and did not stop there. The clubs around the plaza opened their doors after the performance to begin the after parties which lasted until sunrise. Throughout the weekdays - this pattern repeats. 

Finally, the weekend hits and it's time for the full blown boutique music festival. The location is enclosed by graffiti covered shipping containers featuring five different stages - the Royal Container Stage, RedBull Music Academy, Dancing Man Are, Truck Stage and the Tekno Tunnel. With live art installations, chill out zones, and even a crane hung disco ball, you are sure to find the right BPM. 

The festival features a wide range of genres from hip hop, to dance hall to Berlin House. As you make your way through the giant clouds of marijuana, you see that Distortion's atmosphere is not like anything else. It was like getting a taste of Denmark's musical melting pot in the form of organized chaos. What's better than that?

The feelings around Distortion is flourishing with non-violent camaraderie, love, friendship and lots of broken bottles. I mean, people are shacking up on 6-packs of Royal faster than I can figure out where I parked my bike. This festival takes over the city during this week time frame. Deals on food and alcohol are thriving. No joke - not a frown or fight in site. Whether you are sailing the bike lanes at top speed to catch the next mainstage act or adventuring through Tivoli, this festival is one to put on your 'Must See' list.

Tastemaker Pro - Yo Fu by Eric Lum

Our Tastemaker Yo Fu is straight valid. Her music recommendations are unpredictable yet reliable - the perfect combination for sniffing out the next big Artist. 

On a genre spectrum, Yo Fu hits a wide range of marks. One of her specialties? Women Powerhouses. Some of her female finds include George Maple, Christine and the Queens, Niia, Olivia O'Brien, Sampa The Great, Sophie Meiers, and I could go on. 

Yo also seems to have an affinity for detecting great beat makers and producers. She doesn't limit musical talent to just the vocal level. Yo dives down deep into the production quality, which takes a SOLID ear. 

Yo Fu has added some now HUGE acts way before their careers took off including - Khalid whose debut single 'Location' reached all the way up to #16 on the Hot 100, Amine whose song 'Caroline' reached all the way up to #11 on the Top Hot, Christine and the Queens whose music is charting internationally, and Olivia O'Brien whose feature with gnash 'i hate u, i love u' is certified platinum.

These are just some of the acts that have charted to date. Check out the playlist below for a comprehensive listen into Yo Fu's taste and sound, and be on the lookout for any of these Artists hitting it big.

Make sure to follow Yo Fu's fanum.fm profile to stay updated on the Artists Yo Fu endorses next!

Essential New Artist - RAY BLK by Eric Lum

Sometimes when Artists aren't from the United States it takes a good slap to the face to really get people to listen. Prepare, everyone, for a full back hand -

Ray BLK is a new voice in Soul/RnB/Rap/Electro-Pop coming out of South London who uses her voice to make beautiful intricate sounds, and stand up for the marginalized people she sees in societies around the world. 

In most of her tracks, she's standing up for an idea in an elegant, yet forcefully bad ass way. Or that's the vibe you get from watching her music videos. In her video for her track 'Chill Out' you see Ray providing a voice for the transgender community in Jamaica and in '5050' you see her giving a strong voice to female sexuality. In her most popular track 'My Hood' she reps her hometown of South London to the fullest. 

The band wagon is starting to become more sturdy with RollingStone placing Ray BLK on their 'Artist You Need to Know' list back in February, winning the BBC Sounds of 2017 Poll (past winners include James Bay, Jack Garratt), and getting nominated for a MOBO Award for Best Newcomer

Last October Ray BLK self-released her second project "Durt". In an interview with The Fader, she talks about labels approaching her since she only had a couple of plays on Soundcloud, but wants to remain independent. As she puts it in her freestyle track 'Patience', 

"Everyone running just to get in first place. I'm walking going at my own pace."

Everything Ray has been getting, she's gotten it on her own via her raw talent. Please watch her videos as they are just as beautiful as her actual song writing, and listen to her track 'My Hood' because it is insanely good. 

Keep Watching - G4SHI by Eric Lum

G4SHi is a low-key industry veteran coming up with his new track 'Disrespectful'. 

From Albania to the BK, G4SHi (pronounced GASHI) is climbing and climbing after the grind he's been putting in since 2014. In 2014 he released his album '4Play' and recently released his EP 'Stairs' which includes the track 'Day Ones'.

The inspiration on writing a piece on G4SHi came from seeing his track 'Disrespectful' put him on many charts and publications including Spotify's 'Rap Caviar', and Billboard, but this piece is ever the more ideal as G4SHi has JUST announced his signing to Roc Nation. Whoa, congrats. 

During his come up, G4SHi was notable to not be about the industry politics . In 2015 he was quoted as saying, "I have every label in the industry throwing me offers." Wonder what Roc Nation offered him to lock him down, eh? He was also quoted to say that he has been ghost writing for awhile, making sure it is known he's been in the game.

Before the big signing, G4SHi had been working with the likes of French Montana, Nipsey Hustle, even a track with DJ Snake. With his new deal, he released a new track 'Turn Me Down'. Check it out below!

G4SHi was added to fanum all the back in January of 2014 by our hip-hop expert Patrick Castelo. He saw this comin'.

Tastemaker Pro - The Beatforest by Eric Lum

Untitled design (9).png

The Beatforest is a Tastemaker that brings the underground-underground music to eager ears. The Beatforest has been, and continues to be, a great source for Artists just beginning to broadcast their sound. 

The Beatforest is a blog, uncovering the Artists who who upload their first couple of tracks to their Soundcloud account - this takes a serious ear. He has the ability to stray away from vanity aspects of discovering new music like Twitter followers, Facebook likes, and all the rest of the bullshit.... he actually listens to the music before forming an opinion. 

The Beatforest's Artist adds are 'An Ecosystem of Sound' covering pop (Ruby Empress, NOVAAOKBADLANDS), soul (Amindi K. Fro$t, Lydia Kitto, Javeon, Amber Mark), electronic, house, and folk! He's got everything covered. 

Check out a playlist of The Beatforest original adds (below) and check out his blog for more of his favorite Artists and Artist news at TheBeatforest.com

Jukely + fanum.fm - Sofie Zamchick by Eric Lum

Author - Arisa Olazabal

Author - Arisa Olazabal

Sofie Zamchick and friends had their debut at the Bowery Electric last week. This up and coming, classically trained singer/songwriter, has been making noise with her sweet, yet anxiously romantic punk/pop. Imagine Avril Lavigne and Zooey Deschanel's love child. Sofie brings a bright energy to the stage like I've never seen before. 

At her show, Sofie featured eleven original guitar songs with a new band on drums and bass. Sofie also had harmonizing guest singers including Ani Mesa and Isaiah Sanabria. Sofie has a masterful way of showing us very vulnerable parts of herself through her music and then killing us with her giant bubbly smile. Her sound instills a deep intimacy that drowns out the roaring noise from the upstairs bar, and has you feeling like she's only singing to you. Check out some of her thoughts on her premiere at the Bowery Electric! - 

What have you discovered while preparing for the show?

"After being the Musical Director of Cleftomaniacs, an NYU a capella group, I fell in love with arranging music. When it comes to a band, I want to hold all the reigns. It's hard for me to let go, but this time, I decided to purposely let go of that control and bring in really good musicians who will bring something of themselves to the music - something different. What a difference it made! One of my songs is country now!"

How was this gig different from others you've played in your youth?

"Well it's cool - this time it is not just me. The main difference is that I brought together a great band, which I would also like to add to. I picture them having banjos and the marimba. For the first time ever, I decided not to play one of my oldest songs. Like, I wrote it in maybe, senior year of high school? I thought, 'You know what? I'm going to leave that one out for this gig, I've grown up a little, it's time for something new.'"

How do you like to connect to your audience?

"That's what I love to do. That's why I perform. It is all about the connection. It's getting super personal with everyone. I mean, my goal in life is to connect to people, that's what I love doing. For me, it's a blessing to have 45 minutes where I can spill myself. The [intimacy] of it all is what makes it so exciting for me. It's so funny because, sometimes in my songs, the concepts seem so big, but really it came from specifics. I can be inspired solely by rhyming patterns and then having the meaning grow from that."

What pushed you to get to the Bowery Electric, now?

"Well, Me And Lucky have been talking about a collaboration show like this for a while. I mean, this has been something I have been dying to do for years. I used to play in the city in high school. I played gigs. I played the Living Room, and the Bitter End in high school."

What is next for you? 

"I hope I can just continue to feel open to being inspired and change. Writing music is easy and finding inspiration is too. Something that has stuck with me, is that people often say to me when they listen to my music, that time slows down. I get that because that's what writing music is for me. I feel like I am at my strongest, because I am having the easiest time expressing myself through my music. I am not afraid to share myself."

I think that's a great place to start. 

Want to check out more up and comers like Sofie live? Jukely's got you covered. 


Jukely + fanum.fm - Color Tongue by Eric Lum

Author - Arisa Olazabal

Author - Arisa Olazabal

NYC's infamous Piano's turned their back room into an acid rock, psychedelic funk show for emerging, self-produced rockers Color Tongue this weekend. 

This show was intimate. When I say intimate, I mean the only people there were my friends and I, the bartender, the tech guy and the other bands' members. I honestly dug this more than I thought. Not only was there tons of dancing room, which I am a big fan of, Color Tongue had me feeling like I was one of their friends by doing things like shouting out their inside jokes during musical interludes. 

Opening up for Color Tongue was the band Robot Jurassic who annihilated their set with pure, raw energy and musical precision. Once Color Tongue got up to perform, it was clear to me that this group belongs on a big time stage ... in the daylight, maybe surrounded by a beer garden? And of course, a place with lots of dancing room. 

Their debut album just dropped this past summer on Soundcloud. It is a trippy musical journey that is comparable, in my mind, to Vampire Weekend on shrooms. One of my favorite tracks from the album is their record 'Sprouts'.

Want to see Color Tongue, or other psyc-rock bands live? Jukely's got you covered. 


Jukely + fanum.fm - Lux Groove by Eric Lum

Last Saturday night, Webster Hall turned into a Detroit house party. Lux Groove and Codes joined Gotham's ode to Detroit tech and bass house in the Grand Ballroom, while there was some dubstep head bangers moshing in the basement. A dichotic night for curious souls who enjoy dancing until the AM. 

I was immediately drawn to the house party in the Grand Ballroom. As I walked in, the DJ table was pushed up to the center of the dance floor, there were circular danceable platforms, and acrobatic rope dancers flowing in and out of the performance. The show continued with a mystical crowd- from 7 foot tall drag queens wearing their highest heels to stilt walkers waving their braids to the beat of the music. Lux and Codes served up filtered acid bass lines and just enough drop to get the crowd worked up to a steady bounce for their two hour set. 

Lux Groove, with his hip-hop and drum & bass sound, and technical production sits in high esteem as a producer releasing music with Dirtybird Records and the infamous Claude Van Stroke. Don't miss catchin' this guy live!

Want to see Lux Groove live? Jukely's got you covered.