+ Jukely - KRANE by Eric Lum

Author - Arisa Olazabal

Author - Arisa Olazabal

KRANE, an up-and-coming, L.A. based producer, is proving he's not just a studio nut as he tours North America. 

Coming off the freezing New York streets, I defrosted to the rumble of Webster Hall as I weaved my way down to the street level. By some miracle, I found myself leading a stampede of excited fans racing to the dance floor. The opening act Quix had already started. After a quick half hour set, KRANE got on stage and whacked us with thumping originals. He filled Webster with his signature dub-trap-step bass lines, rich melodies, and party-starting vocals. 

If you're not familiar with KRANE, check out his Soundcloud filled with an eclectic set of remixes of Tokimonsta, Anderson .Paak, Major Lazer, and The Weekend. One of my favorite brassy bass tracks is 'Fall Apart'. Also see how Krane is interacting with his fans and fellow DJs via his live beat making web series, 'Drafts'. 

His entire set was a rollercoaster of bedazzling glitch-hop, trap beats, and trending rap anthems. Definitely an up and coming producer to see live!

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Keep Watching - Sampha by Eric Lum

Sampha is a closeted soul super star. Having already worked with GREATS like Beyonce, Kanye West and Frank Ocean, it's a no brainer that this dude is going to make some waves. 

Sampha has been on the music back burner for awhile. Back in 2010 he was already collaborating with popular British dance Artist SBTRKT. He grew his influence from there and developed into the guy you call for some deep, bleeding heart SOUL. 

The fact that Sampha is breaking out now instead of back in his early career is not because of lack of initiative or talent but because of family tragedies that eventually helped shape the moving soul music he puts out today. In the span of a couple of years, Sampha lost his father, brother and mother all while getting frightened by his own health scare

Sampha's back story and influence already seen in the industry, is why his debut album Process is on such high alert. Everyone is thankful that Sampha was able to overcome his struggles and give us some of the most beautiful soul the world has seen in awhile. 

Sampha's lyrics are honest, his voice eager and feeling, and production innovative and complex. Process comes at you at all angles and plugs at those god old heart strings. The type of music that is refreshing because it makes you feel.  

We are instructing that you keep watching Sampha because the release of his debut album Process is about to blow up his inevitable music career. Sampha was introduced to fanum all the way back in September of 2014 by our Tastemaker Teresa who saw the talent and soul long before his now big showcase. 


Jukely + - BASECAMP by Eric Lum

Author - Yo Fu

Author - Yo Fu

The Nashville based trio BASECAMP played their first sold out show at Brooklyn's 'Knitting Factory' this past Saturday, hypnotizing a packed room with their signature R&B infused dance sound. 

It took my eyes a moment to adjust when I first walked into the room, I hardly recognized the Knitting Factory. What's usually a typical stage now housed a giant box wrapped in chiffon and lined with lights. 

From within the box, BASECAMP built the set through their unconventional, genre- deconstructing style. With hints of James Blake mixed with SBTRKT, they layered evocative melodies on glitchy percussion and heavy basslines.

Throughout the night the three producers (Aaron Harmon, Jordan Reyes and Aaron Miller (vocalist)) made the crowd drift between states - swaying side to side to the smokey vibes, like seaweed in the sea. Our heads bounced to the thumping bass through songs like "The Hunter" from their latest EP In Stone and their 2014 single "Shudder". BASECAMP balanced the set with slightly slower beats like "Rydia" (from their self-titled debut EP). The show's visuals were as exceptional as the chiffon and neon lights combination accented the hazy yet buoyant sound. The Trio brought the smoke-filled night to an end with the catch and sexy "Comfort Zone". 

Lol shiet, can BASECAMP pull me from my comfort zone?

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Jukely + - Pool Cosby by Eric Lum

Author - Arisa Olazabal

Author - Arisa Olazabal

Check out Arisa's profile!

Check out Arisa's profile!

My first Pool Cosby show was a warm welcome. As I watched in awe of their ridiculously talented collection of voices and live instruments (even a trumpet), it felt like I had been a fan of theirs for a while. A perfect setting and tone for a groovy night @ The Bowery Electric. 

The show featured an electronic blend of free-funk jazz, hip-hop, and future bass. Pair that up with live strings, brass, and woodwinds, and you have a uniquely, creative blend of sounds. It's a little something to get the backyard party popping, but so poetically crafted that it also fits perfectly into those down-tempo days. Pool Cosby is carving out their own self-defined style of production. 

The crowd was all in - climbing benches for a better view and fully taking in the experience while the supergroup is still rising in the local touring circuit. The sample-based electronic group from Brooklyn, New York, reworks old school hip-hop and electronic future bass with an amazing taste and style. With a new album set to release this year, it's only a matter of time before they break out onto the regional and national scene. 

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Essential New Artist - Frank Liin by Eric Lum

We are here to write about and introduce you to the mysterious, entrancing song of Frank Liin. We cite him as mysterious because there isn't much on the internet as to who this Artist actually is. One theory is that the name 'Frank Liin' is an alias for the great Jordan Rakei

IF this is the case, which is looking all the more likely, this leaves this introduction down a whole 'nother lane. Which is fine, let us take this detour. 

Jordan Rakei is an Australian singer, songwriter and producer who seems to like to work off of different aliases and release a ton of music under different styles and realms. This multi-dimensional trait is impressive and entertaining for his fans to follow and watch. 

The most distinctive attribute to all of Jordan's music is his soulful voice. It's like butta. With his alias, including Frank Liin and Dan Kye, Jordan brings in his production skillz with some house vibes. 

Late last year, Jordan released his first album Cloak under his real name, but has stated in an interview that he was in a production phase and was going to start releasing music that focuses more on those elements. In the same interview, he even teased a potential folk album when he felt like focusing on songwriting again. 

We were entranced by this recent Fran Liin add by our Tastemaker by The Beatforest, only to realize it is an added glimpse to the talents of Jordan Rakei which was also added by The Beatforest earlier last year. These surprises are always fun to come by. 

Jukely + - Justice by Eric Lum

Author - Arisa Olazabal

Author - Arisa Olazabal

Rejoice, good people. After years of waiting, Justice has brought back their radiant lead-off rhythms and DIY sound, with their first album in five years - Woman.

Check out more Artists Arisa digs. 

Check out more Artists Arisa digs. 

Even better, they returned to NYC for the best pre New Years Party in town. Thanks to guest list passes from Jukely, I was able to score last minute tickets and experience flashbacks of their addictive house drops that shook Pier 94 all night long. 

Crystal Castles opened with pure genius, showcasing their mastery through a crossover of hardcore and acid shoegaze. Their lo-fi vibes were the perfect warm up for the transcendent synth storm of Justice's epic soundscape. The French-touch legends took us to the smoother side, with deep house/techno cuts that were impossible for anyone to stop dancing to.

This show was marked by a unique 'casualness'. I'll never forget Justice enjoying a lollipop and cigarette during their set. As the french say, true relaxation of the DJ makes for an even more riotous dance floor. 

If you've never experienced the legends of French House, it's worth spending a good day diving into their brilliance

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Signed Artist - Russ by Eric Lum

Recent stats from 2016 show that hip-hop/R&B is the fastest growing genre of music in on demand audio streaming. Some are drawing the conclusion that this parallels the fact that hip-hop music is becoming the new pop culture in mainstream media within the United States. 

It has taken awhile for hip-hip to transcend to this caliber and with this trend, it is taking A LOT more for hip-hop Artists to actually make a name for themselves in the game. One Artist that was seen who has all of that potential to do this is Russ who combines an undeniable work ethic, a golden ear for production, and catchy rhymes to make music that captures the attention of the masses. 

Russ is a rapper/producer who claims ATL as his hometown, but is of Saudi background. He claims his only competition is Kanye West and Drake, he draws influence from groups like G-Unit and people have described his 'sing-songy' style as being subtly influenced by the likes of Kid Cudi. 

Russ' biggest feat in coming into the game is that before uploading anything onto Soundcloud, he had released 11 albums. Yes, you read that correct - 11 albums. This fact proves Russ' work ethic. Russ is an Artist who has not found success simply by making dope music (which is a dime a dozen in today's game), but by constantly pushing his sound out to the public without looking back.

Russ hasn't struck gold on just one track, but multiple songs have gotten insane amount of streams and views including the popular 'What They Want', 'Pull The Trigger' and 'Do It Myself'. His track 'What They Want' cumulatively has 50 million streams on YouTube and Soundcloud alone.

Russ' work ethic and constant outpouring of content has resulted in a major label deal with Columbia Records. His sound and image as an Artist are well defined and are just making their way into the world which will only broaden his appeal with his new signing.

Russ was added to fanum all the way back in October of 2015 by our Tastemaker Jay Lincoln and has just signed his deal with Columbia this Summer. We are waiting in anticipation to see how 2017 treats the young, hungry rapper/producer. 

Keep Watching - Jorja Smith by Eric Lum

There's something refreshing when hearing an authentically talented Artist deliver new work in a way that brings up old feelings, and is reminiscent of older music that has shaped your current music taste. You press play and sigh in relief.... "YES! Finally." 

When you play Jorja Smith's music these are the senses that are triggered. You get a sense of some Amy Winehouse and old jazz that makes you wish more people made similar music, yet thankful not a lot of people do because the rarity makes it all the more pleasurable.

Jorja Smith is an English Artist who knew she was going to be a singer since grade school and was signed by a management company at the young age of 15. Her first splash was in the beginning of 2016 with her track, 'Blue Lights' and she was introduced to the fanum community by our Tastemaker Al in April of 2016. 

Since then, Jorja has released two music videos that showcases her expansive artistic talent along with a debut EP "Project 11" which was recently released last week. We are warning everyone, more like gifting everyone with the knowledge, that they should add this new EP to their Spotify playlist, buy the EP, YouTube it, or however else you consumer music in today's world because it is truly a defining piece of work. 

With 'Blue Lights' and her other release 'Where Did I Go?' you get excited about Jorja's potential and with "Project 11" her talent and future as a soul/R&B singer is solidified. I'm talking the likes of other English stars including Amy, FKA and Aluna. Listen to "Project 11," and Jorja's other tracks, and be taken away by her strenuously beautiful voice, intrinsic use of instrumentation and original sound. As OkPlayer. correctly puts it, catch a listen "before the hype-train arrives." 

Favorite Tracks - 'Blue Lights' 'Something In The Way' 'Carry Me Home