Essential New Artist - Jessie Reyez by Eric Lum

Whoever broke Miss Jessie Reyez's heart, well, she's really blowin' up your spot and everyone is lovin' it. 

Jessie Reyez is a singer-songwriter from Toronto who has two tracks out right now, 'Shutter Island' and 'Figures'. Her sound is raw, honest and heartfelt and makes everyone listening hate the dude who messed with her. 

Her debut track 'Figures' was premiered by the prime-time Tastemaker Zane Lowe on his radio show back in the Fall and it currently has around 5.5 million plays on Spotify alone. She then released her second track 'Shutter Island' towards the end of January and it is a smash. 

As of now, Jessie is not signed to a major and is listed as an independent Artist. But we see you Jessie. Already hanging out and collabing with the likes of Khalid, THEY., Salaam Remi, Allan Rayman and King Louie (random?). It's only a matter of time before the mainstreamers start hearing Jessie's music. 

Jessie Reyez was added this week by our IMPECCABLE Tastemaker Jake Krez

Signed Artist - Jain by Eric Lum

Jain is one of those people, and Artists, that as soon as you meet them and hear their story, you're like 'Whoa you're awesome and I cannot compete.' 

Jain is a pop singer/song-writer who transcends borders all around the world. Already having lived in places like the Congo, Dubai and Paris, Jain's music dibbles and dabbles in world sounds that make her captivating to everyone. 

She release her debut album Zanaka back in November of 2015. Most people caught on a little later after her performance at the French Grammy's in 2016. After the stellar performance, Jain was labeled as a potential global pop star and her single 'Come' went straight to No.1 in France the very next day.

Jain's album Zanaka was released here in the good ol' US of A in November of 2016 with RCA Records. Our Tastemaker Jay Lincoln caught onto the buzz of Jain at its inception point back in November of 2015 when the singer first debuted her sound.

Now we can sit back and watch her take over the world.  

Jukely + - Ted Hearne by Eric Lum

Author - Arisa Olazabal

Author - Arisa Olazabal

Los Angeles noise artist, musician, USC professor, and activist - Ted Hearne graced the National Sawdust Co. black and white stage with his mind-bending performance filled with swells, fuzz, and lots of feedback. 

In an abandoned lumber mill nestled next to Williamsburg's shore, lies a beautifully curated venue, the National Sawdust Co. Its brick exterior and psychedelic mural enhanced this Jukely experience. As I entered the dark and glossy lobby, I was captivated by how perfectly the contemporary aesthetic paired so well with the cabaret style seating. 

Ted Hearne's rich texture tackled my ears into a mind state of ambiguity and sheer chaos. I was on the edge of my seat and suddenly felt tangled in this web of distorted electric guitar, jazz synths, and melodic vocal autotune. The performance was entitled 'New Songs' and was complimented with a lyrics page, which to me, was unnecessary since I thought his genre-lessness sound needed no further explanation. 

The rich texture and layers of Ted's sound was thought provoking, intriguing, and brought me into the cerebral side of experimental songwriting. 

Want to see Ted Hearne live? Jukely's got you covered. 


Essential New Artist - ADNA by Eric Lum

Author - Baltic Waves

Author - Baltic Waves

With a mixture of a beautiful, melancholic, haunting voice, soft melodies, thoughtful lyrics and a twist of mysticism - you get Adna.

The young artist grew up in Sweden and began studying music at an early age, citing she's always found peaceful solitude in making music. During her early teenage years, she was discovered by the Stockholm based indie label Despotz Records and signed with them before she released her debut album 'Night'. 

Back in 2015, she then released her second album 'Run, Lucifer' and began touring all over Europe. Adna lives in Berlin, and has spent the first half of 2016 writing and recording singles like "Overthinking", "Thoughts" and "Closure" - leading up to her current release of her album 'Closure' dropping today.

On this new album we hear Adna dig deeper into her own past and darkness than ever before.

I believe we all have a dark place inside of us, some more aware of it than others, and we all have our own way of dealing with it. I tried embracing mine, which led to finding a home within it, but also of course – the making of this record.


If you haven't listened to her music from her youngin' years, it's not too late. ALSO check out Baltic Waves' blog and other social platforms to find other up and coming Artists. 


Jukely + - whereisalex by Eric Lum

Author - Arisa Olazabal

Author - Arisa Olazabal

The 'recovering, undercover, over-lover' producer, whereisalex, revealed his hyped up, trap sound while opening for future bass producers and Australian twins Cosmo's Midnight @ Rough Trade. 

Passing through the obscure record collection within the multi-level cafe, I came to a stage lit only by a few smoldering lights. A perfect setting for the up and coming prince of future bass and lovestep. Side note - highly suggest snagging a spot on Rough Trade's balcony if you can - the view, dancing space, and ping pong tables up there are just great. 

No stranger to pushing boundaries, producer and visual artist whereisalex, put on an eclectic set filled with deconstructed bootlegs and original signals. He played a wide spectrum of 90's r&b you've most likely rocked to, and blended it with the gritty, heavy trap beats of bass music festival anthems. Whereisalex would often take a step back from the motherboard and trap out to the danceable set with us. 

From Kendrick to Kanye, Hudson Mohawke to Destiny's Child, whereisalex's jazzy, experimental, electronica remixes should not be missed. His stunning and vibrant live set reveals his true colors and talents as a producer trapping out far beyond the boundaries of Soundcloud. 

Catch Cosmo's Midnight and whereisalex on tour and more. Jukely's got you covered. 


Jukely + - Gavin Turek by Eric Lum

Author - Yo Fu

Author - Yo Fu

A goddess wrapped in a shimmering cloak walked onto the Baby's All Right stage on Friday night. Beneath the cloak, modern disco queen Gavin Turek, is about to perform her first sold out show in New York to celebrate the release of her new EP. Divine and gracious, Gavin Turek made the audience her devout worshipers as she opened the show with 'Hemisphere', melting the crowd with her cotton candy-like voice. 

The LA based artist is best known for her joint LP with TOKiMONSTA - "You're Invited". Building off the collaboration's success, Gavin finally released her own solo EP, 'Good Look For You'.

From the moment she walked on stage it was clear that Gavin was more than just a singer, but an artist ready to seize her moment. The cloak came off to 'On The Line', like she had been set free to channel her Donna Summer and Diana Ross influences. Gavin's groovy music is a mix of the old and new - soul inlaid with electronic vibes. She revived the 70's with songs like 'The Distance' and 'My Delight', but the funk was on full power when Gavin invited her friend and producer Val Fleury to come onstage and dance the night away. Gavin ended the night with another TOKiMONSTA collaboration, and brought her show to a close with an ethereal performance of 'Grace'. 

I thought I was straight, but damn, she made the panties drop. 

Get tickets to see Gavin Turek and more. Jukely's got you covered. + Jukely - KRANE by Eric Lum

Author - Arisa Olazabal

Author - Arisa Olazabal

KRANE, an up-and-coming, L.A. based producer, is proving he's not just a studio nut as he tours North America. 

Coming off the freezing New York streets, I defrosted to the rumble of Webster Hall as I weaved my way down to the street level. By some miracle, I found myself leading a stampede of excited fans racing to the dance floor. The opening act Quix had already started. After a quick half hour set, KRANE got on stage and whacked us with thumping originals. He filled Webster with his signature dub-trap-step bass lines, rich melodies, and party-starting vocals. 

If you're not familiar with KRANE, check out his Soundcloud filled with an eclectic set of remixes of Tokimonsta, Anderson .Paak, Major Lazer, and The Weekend. One of my favorite brassy bass tracks is 'Fall Apart'. Also see how Krane is interacting with his fans and fellow DJs via his live beat making web series, 'Drafts'. 

His entire set was a rollercoaster of bedazzling glitch-hop, trap beats, and trending rap anthems. Definitely an up and coming producer to see live!

Get tickets to more KRANE shows and more. Jukely's got you covered. 


Keep Watching - Sampha by Eric Lum

Sampha is a closeted soul super star. Having already worked with GREATS like Beyonce, Kanye West and Frank Ocean, it's a no brainer that this dude is going to make some waves. 

Sampha has been on the music back burner for awhile. Back in 2010 he was already collaborating with popular British dance Artist SBTRKT. He grew his influence from there and developed into the guy you call for some deep, bleeding heart SOUL. 

The fact that Sampha is breaking out now instead of back in his early career is not because of lack of initiative or talent but because of family tragedies that eventually helped shape the moving soul music he puts out today. In the span of a couple of years, Sampha lost his father, brother and mother all while getting frightened by his own health scare

Sampha's back story and influence already seen in the industry, is why his debut album Process is on such high alert. Everyone is thankful that Sampha was able to overcome his struggles and give us some of the most beautiful soul the world has seen in awhile. 

Sampha's lyrics are honest, his voice eager and feeling, and production innovative and complex. Process comes at you at all angles and plugs at those god old heart strings. The type of music that is refreshing because it makes you feel.  

We are instructing that you keep watching Sampha because the release of his debut album Process is about to blow up his inevitable music career. Sampha was introduced to fanum all the way back in September of 2014 by our Tastemaker Teresa who saw the talent and soul long before his now big showcase.